Furniture Storage Belfast

Storage solutions to assist you in moving, renovating or redecorating your home.

House renovations, moving house, or just decluttering post some challenges when it comes to arranging space for storing furniture.

Need extra storage space for your furniture? Belfast Self Storage is the solution you are looking for.

Belfast Self Storage is the leading self-storage provider in the Belfast area supplying multiple storage options for your furniture, appliances and others.

Our goal is providing quality, convenient, flexible, and safe self storage solutions at reasonable prices with diversified sizes to solve your Furniture Storage needs and requests.

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How large does my storage space need to be?

Your self-storage space needs to be as large as what you wish to store inside.

The best part about it is that you can find the exact storage space size you need. Belfast Self Storage has multiple different sizes of storage units available to fit your furniture perfectly.

In our Belfast state-of-the-art storage facility, you can store all your furniture, appliances, fittings and others, from a room’s worth of content to the whole household.

Our flexible units can store virtually any form of furniture, pending that it follows Belfast Self Storage’s storage policy.

Here are some examples of items you can store inside our furniture storage units:

  • Washers and/or Dryers
  • Mattresses (of all sizes)
  • File Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Sofas

For the short or long term, Belfast Self Storage can be the solution for your household items with a great offering of storage spaces that will fit your individual requirements. Our flexibility allows you to choose whether to rent a self-storage unit for a couple of weeks, months or even years.

Our Furniture storage units are secure, clean, readily available and affordable!

All of our units are protected 24 hours a day by on-site security and CCTV surveillance, plus individual alarms that can only be activated/deactivated using unique PIN Codes. You can have your storage unit ready for you to move your furniture in a matter of minutes.

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