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Self-storage units are an incredibly versatile storage solution for both individuals and businesses. However, care should be taken when storing your belongings, especially if you are placing your belongings in longer-term storage.

One of the most important factors in proper storage is using packing materials that are of the highest quality. This one simple step will go a long way to ensuring that you find your belongings in perfect condition when the time comes to retrieve them.

This guide discusses the importance of using high-quality packaging and also includes tips on how to use it to its best effect.

The Importance of Using Quality Packaging

To utilise the full capacity of your self-storage unit, it is likely that you are going to stack your belongings. All of our storage units have generous ceiling heights to make sure all our customers have ample room for their belongings. Not using this space to its full capacity can mean paying for unused space!

Invariably using this space means resorting to the good old ubiquitous cardboard box:

Quality Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most frequently used packaging items in self-storage units. They are a lightweight, strong (if the quality is right), and cost-efficient option for storing belongings.

However, not all cardboard boxes are equal! It might seem like a good idea to save a few Euros and ask the local shop for some old packaging boxes, but this is inevitably a false economy.

The first thing to note about this type of box is that they are designed to be produced as cheaply as possible. After all, they only have to make sure the contents are delivered to the customer and maybe spend a month or two on a shelf.

By contrast, proper packing boxes are designed to hold substantial weight and maintain their integrity throughout prolonged storage periods. Good quality storage boxes will be designed with double walls that can withstand the knocks and bumps of transit and still be safely stacked in your self-storage unit.

Tips for choosing and using cardboard storage boxes

At Belfast Self Storage, we want your storage experience to be a positive one. To help, we have compiled some tips to help you choose and get the most out of your cardboard storage boxes.

  • Quality First – To ensure your belongings are as safe as possible, always opt for quality boxes. One way to ensure quality is to check whether the boxes are rated to meet FedEx or UPS standards.
  • Size Matters – The temptation can be to go for the biggest box possible. However, large boxes are best used for larger items only. For most items, opt for a smaller box. These don’t get so heavy, are easier to handle, and are better for stacking and unstacking.
  • Size Consistency helps with stacking – Wherever possible, try to use as many of the same-sized boxes as possible. This helps to make stacking boxes easier.
  • Stack properly – Always remember to place heavier boxes at the bottom of stacks.
  • Choose the right box for the job – At Belfast Self Storage, we have a range of boxes available to make your storage a whole lot easier. Using the right box for the purpose makes organising your storage simple. We stock a wide range of quality boxes in a selection of sizes and also specialist boxes, including wardrobe boxes and document archive boxes.

Quality Counts Throughout!

Making sure the boxes you use are of the right quality is the first step to a happy self-storage experience, but don’t forget the packaging accessories!

Items like tape are another thing that people frequently skimp on. Unfortunately, many of the lesser-quality tapes don’t stick very well, if at all! This can lead to disaster as even high-quality boxes are only as good as the tape that seals them. 

The story is similar for all packaging materials. If you are placing valuables and items of sentimental importance in storage, then you want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are stored safely.

This can only happen if you pay attention to the little details and use quality packing materials throughout your self-storage facility.

Summing Up

At Belfast Self Storage, we want all our customers to have a positive self-storage experience. If you have any questions about how to package your belongings so that they remain safe, contact us today, we will be delighted to help.

Or why not take advantage of our 20% off deal on large packing boxes and wardrobe boxes. Our range of boxes is of the highest quality and meets UPS and FedEx standards.