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Whether you get the pros in or decide to indulge in a bit of DIY, renovating your home is always a worthwhile exercise, it just may not feel like it at the time!

Even small-scale renovation projects can be extremely disruptive to the day-to-day workings of your home. This disruption is why many people use a short-term self-storage solution for the duration of their renovations.

Common problems with renovating

The end goal may be improvements to your living space and a higher value property, but the actual process of the renovations can be stressful, and if care is not taken, it can carry unforeseen costs in the shape of collateral damage to furnishings and belongings.

Common problems that can affect you and your belongings during renovations include:

  • Dust and Debris – Dust is one of the most common problems during renovations of just about any scale or type. Even if rooms are sealed off, fine dust will find its way throughout the whole property. Dust can be difficult to remove from soft furnishings and fabrics and can damage delicate surfaces.
  • Furniture – Dealing with bulky furniture can be a real pain throughout the renovation process. Furniture that usually resides in the room(s) to be renovated will need to be covered up and protected or relocated to another room, and as space is always at a premium during renovations, this is less than ideal. Valuable time is also lost as you play the traditional renovation game of shuffling the furniture. Furniture is also prone to be damaged during renovations. Regardless of how careful you are, accidents will still happen.
  • Paint and fumes – Most renovation projects will inevitably end up with some paintwork required. Once again, furniture and belongings are right in the firing line. Constantly having to move your belongings or cover them with dust sheets is time-consuming and slows the whole process down. Paint fumes, particularly if you use oil-based paints or varnish, can also be a problem, these can get absorbed into soft furnishings, and you could end up with an expensive dry-cleaning bill to restore them.
  • Electronics – TV’s, sound systems, computers, and games consoles are all highly susceptible to damage from the associated upheavals that are inevitable during renovations. Ultimately, most of the damage will be caused by the number one culprit of any renovation project – Dust.

It seems a shame to go through all the hassle and cost of renovating if, in the end, your newly renovated home needs to be refurbished too! This is why many people turn to U Store It to provide a cost-effective self-storage solution for the duration of the renovations. In many cases, it is a step that can actually save you money.

Using a self-storage unit during renovations

Renovating your home can be a massive undertaking. Ultimately you want the entire project to be completed as quickly as possible. Self-storage can play a large part in streamlining the whole procedure. At Belfast Self Storage, we don’t just offer storage solutions, we have also composed a useful list of tips to make your whole renovation go smoother.

● Decide whether to stay or go

Depending on the scale of the project, you may decide to move out while the work is being undertaken. If the scale of the renovations are large enough that this is the case, then moving the larger and more delicate items in the household into storage is the best option.

If you decide to stick it out, then you are likely going to have to cope with some upheaval. Using replacement spaces to fulfil the functions of rooms being renovated is the best option here. For example, use an upstairs bedroom as a temporary sitting room or set aside a corner of a utility room as a temporary kitchen complete with a microwave and a fridge.

 Make a list of what should go into storage

Once you know the scale of the renovations, it is time to decide what is best put into storage. Creating an inventory of everything you are going to place in storage will give you an idea of the size of the storage unit you require. If there are delicate electronics to be stored, then it is worth considering using a storage unit to protect them.

Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have when deciding what you require in the way of storage.

Storage preparations

Moving and storing valuable items, even on a temporary basis, should always involve packing your valuables properly.

  • Electronics – All your electronic gear should be bubble-wrapped with screens protected with cardboard in the case of TVs and monitors.
  • Large Furniture Items – Large furnishings should always be stored carefully to avoid them toppling. Sofas, mattresses, chairs etc., are best wrapped in plastic sheeting when stored. Hard furnishings should also be protected with plastic or bubble wrap. Rugs should be rolled up for storage and never folded as this may cause permanent creasing.
  • Kitchen items – Fridges and freezers should be defrosted and cleaned before storage and, wherever possible, stored upright. Crockery and tableware should be bubble wrapped and placed in containers with padding to prevent movement during transit.

Benefits of using Self-storage during renovations

Using self-storage during renovations may, at first glance, seem like just another expense on top of the costs of the renovation. But in most cases, the benefits mean that self-storage will quickly pay for itself and may even save you money.

Your valuables will be safe

Renovations of any size are going to be messy, dusty, and dirty; it goes with the territory. Even securely wrapped items are exposed to all the hazards that accompany renovation projects. Dust, debris, moisture, and sheer carelessness (it happens!) can all cause serious damage to your belongings.

With a self-storage unit, you are given the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are safely tucked away out of the firing line.

● The renovations will be quicker

Constantly having to work around furniture and bulky items slows the pace of the renovation down. In many cases, furniture has to be shifted from room to room as the renovation proceeds. All these add up and mean that time that should be spent getting on with the actual work is wasted moving furniture.

● Use it to store renovation materials

Versatility is at the heart of our self-storage solutions. They aren’t just useful for storing your valuables but can also be used to keep renovation materials out of the way until they are needed. This is really useful in instances where space is tight.

New kitchen units, bags of cement, plasterboard, tubs of paint, all these items can be a hindrance until they are needed. Using self-storage in this way can also help speed up operations by keeping the workspace clear.

● It’s a flexible option

Whether you are undertaking the renovations as a DIY project, or you have employed a team of tradesmen, one thing is almost certain – The job will take longer than forecast.

Unforeseen problems are certain to arise. Your builders may get called to an emergency job, sickness, the unseen issues lurking behind an old wall, can all wreak havoc with a schedule.

We understand this, and that’s why we ensure that all our self-storage units are available on a flexible basis. Need an extra week, a month, or even a few months? No problem, we can accommodate you.

● Self-storage can save you money

With options starting from just a few euro per week, it doesn’t take much for a self-storage unit to pay for itself and begin to save you money. Because the work will be faster by not having to worry about bulky furniture slowing the whole procedure, then costs will be lower. Also, the possibility of having to pay for renewing damaged furniture is negated.

● It means a safer workspace

Any sort of building/renovation project has an element of danger to it. Power tools, step ladders, heavy lifting are all usually involved and carry inherent dangers. By making sure the workspace is as clear as possible, you can minimise the risks associated with renovation works.

● Makes the whole process less stressful

The end result will make the whole procedure worthwhile in the long run. But in the short term, renovations can be extremely stressful. By employing a self-storage option to provide all the benefits listed above, perhaps the biggest benefit is the lack of stress that comes from knowing your workplace is safe, your valuables are secure, and the work will be unimpeded.

To provide you with the ultimate peace of mind, all of our units are highly secure and are protected against the elements, fire, pests, and water damage.

To find out how our cost-effective self-storage solutions can help during your renovation, why not call us today and discuss your needs with one of our friendly team of storage experts.